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- Handle, Extend, Manage, Deliver, Boost your operations, business, customers, orders, growth with Wecome ONE PoS, Wecome Cates, Wecome Rewards, Wecome Delivery, Wecome DataCube

Wecome provides full-chain solutions for your F&B needs in one platform: the first platform that integrates Diner's mobile APPs, non-contact ordering and payment, loyalty, delivery, kitchen management, and Merchant PoS in Singapore.

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8 Integrated Systems in ONE Platform

Features and Advantages

Why Wecome?

What are the unique features and advantages of Wecome as your Restaurant Management System?

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Regular Update

Unlike conventional systems that hardly update, the Wecome ONE PoS system can be easily and regularly upgraded to bring in new features and functions.

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Network Independent

The Wecome system works best when connected to the network, but it also works fine when the network condition is bad where all your operation data stored securely.

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Data Driven Analysis

The Wecome system provides reports and analysis based on your business data, and the whole platform data, to help you get valuable insigets of your type of business. For example, the trending delicous.

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Social Media Marketing

The Wecome system can help you to easily access the whole diner community via the MultiAD system, as simple as a few clicks and types.

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Full-Chain Services

For marketing, online/mobile ordering, payment, to delivery, order tracking, loyalty and feedback, the Wecome solution covered the full F&B service chain.

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Contactless Capability

With Wecome system, diners can place their orders directly to your kitchen via the Cates App in their phones, or the QR codes in store, and have them delivered to their home, contactlessly and seamlessly.

Wecome Cates

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Life can be complicated but ordering food doesn't have to be. Not simply passing orders, enjoy elegant ordering experience with Wecome Cates now.

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Various Orders
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Dine In

With Wecome platform, your customers can place on-site orders directly to your kitchen. Contactless ordering, more efficient and less labor cost.

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Self Pick-Up

Your customers can pre-order Take-Out orders directly into your Wecome PoS system, and collect upon their arrival. Not need to wait in line. Better customer experience.

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With your Wecome platform, your customers can have their orders delivered to their home and track their order status in real-time.

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